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Life Events

At The Good Shepherd we play a part in supporting people through all the different stages in life, from the joyous occasions of new births, Christenings and marriage, through to the sadder occasions of life when we say goodbye to loved ones and give thanks for the part they played in our lives and the lives of those we love and care for.  Please do for more information.


imageCongratulations!  We would love to play a part in your special day.  
If you live in our Parish or have a 'qualifying connection' with us, you can either get married at The Good Shepherd or in one of the churches of our neighbouring parishes:  St Mary's White Waltham, All Saints Boyne Hill, St Michael's Bray, St John's Littlewick Green or St James the Less Stubbings.  
Whichever church you choose, all the arrangements will be made through us. 
For more information do  download our weddings leaflet or visit the Church of England's weddings page
Wedding leaflet.pdf

Marriage Blessings & Renewals of Vows

imageIf you are interested in a church service to bless your marriage, to celebrate a significant wedding anniversary or to renew your vows please do .  


imageThe arrival of a new baby is a wonderful event.  Many of us want to express our feelings of joy by thanking God for the new life he has given us.

A Christening (also known as Baptism) marks the beginning of the journey of faith and becoming a member of the church.  During a Christening your baby or child will be baptised with water.  Those who are baptised are asked to make declarations about their beliefs and a commitment to the Christian faith.  When the new Christian is a baby or young child, it is the parents and godparents who make these declarations and promises on behalf of the child.  If the child is old enough, they may make these declarations and promises for themselves.

Christenings usually take place in our 10am service when we can welcome the newly baptised into our church family.  For more information , download our Christening leaflet or visit the Church of England's Christenings page.

imageChristening leaflet.pdf

Thanksgiving Services

imageYou may feel that you are not ready to have your baby Christened.  Some people would like to thank God for the gift of their baby but feel that their child should make up their own mind about being Christened once they are a bit older.  Others are uncomfortable about making the promises required by parents and godparents at the Christening service.  In this situation a Service of Thanksgiving to thank God for the gift of your baby and to have your baby blessed may be a good way forward - you could still have them Christened at a later date if you change your mind or if they choose to be Christened when they are older.  A Thanksgiving would usually take place in our 10am service.  Do for more information.

Whatever you decide, you and your family are welcome here.

Baptisms of older Children, Young People or Adults

It is not only babies and young children who can be baptised. You can be baptised at any age.

Sometimes an older child, a young person, or an adult, who was never christened as a child, may express interest in being baptised. Often they will already be attending church and have come to faith or be growing in faith; sometimes something happening in their life may have triggered a desire to explore and learn more about the Christian faith, and to be baptised. As with the Christening of a baby or young child, the baptism candidate is baptised with water. They make a profession of faith and a commitment to sharing in the life of the Church. 

Young people and adults enquiring about baptism are usually invited to share in special preparation with others preparing for Baptism or Confirmation (see below).

We welcome any enquiries about baptism, whether or not you are already a regular worshipper at our church. 

For more details, please speak to Joan, our Vicar, or .


As with baptisms, all enquiries about Confirmation are welcomed, whether or not you are already a regular worshipper at our church.  For more details, please visit the section on Confirmation on our Growing in Faith page.


We are here for the sad occasions in life too.  We take services at the local Crematoriums;  arrangements can also be made for us to take funeral services in the churches of our neighbouring parishes where those living in the Parish of Cox Green would like a service in Church.  

To discuss this further please call our Vicar, Joan Hicks, at the Church Office on 01628 632567 or .  You may also find this Church of England page about funerals helpful.