Sunday a.m!

our Sunday School for children and teenagers

We welcome all children to join Sunday a.m!, coming as often as they are able, and being at church with or without their parents. We meet during the 10 o’clock morning service for our special Sunday a.m! programme, and there is always something to take home!

The Sunday a.m! activity lasts about 40 minutes, then the children and leaders join the rest of the congregation. We sit together and enjoy worshipping God through the Eucharist (Holy Communion). All the children are encouraged to receive a blessing.

Leaders mix Bible stories with games, activities and prayers, usually reflecting the lectionary readings. Currently we have two groups –Nursery/Infants for ages 3 to 6 and Juniors for ages 7 to 10 - and ‘rising 11s’ join the Teen Group after Easter. Once a month, we have an extended worship of our own in Sunday a.m!

If parents are unable to stay for the 10 o’clock service, our church operates a Child Protection Policy and children may be left in the care of the Sunday a.m! leaders. The children would be collected once the whole service is over.

Some Sundays we have special all age services. These are shorter, lively services, with the children often taking an active part, and we welcome the whole family.

During the school summer break we provide Sunday a.m! for the under 7s, to encourage families to continue worshipping throughout the year. During all other holidays, Sunday a.m! continues without interruption.

If you would like to know more about Sunday a.m! (or any of the other groups for youngsters), please contact the church office on 01628 632567. We look forward to welcoming new children and new families. Just come along and see what happens!